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Albuquerque, NM

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Kuzana Ogg
Was $800
Sale $400
Carol di Maggio
Carol Steffgan - $1,000
Jauque  $225
Candy Tate  $850
Kuzana Ogg - Wool Art - Mid-Century, Haywood Wakefield
original design, glass top table - $950
Carol Margolis  $400
Karen Hudson - Oregon Beach
-Photo Art - $75
The chair frame to the left,
1 of 4 set conference
chairs, solid wood;
each plus fabric.   
They will have 2" seat foam
with webbed foundation,
single welt and shaddow
backed upholstered back.
Price includes free delivery
in town,

Other 8 have sold

The CUBEOTT (Picture to the left) sturdy,
comfortable, lightweight.

Come by and try it out!``
These are 1890's Eastlake dinning
chair.  $40.00 Each, sold as a set only

 All these need to be upholstered, but
have good "bones" and are ready to go!

    Your fabric choice and design are
    all that's needed!!!
Only the sofa remains.  $40.00 1930's sofa,
providing you buy the fabric from us and have
us do the upholstery.  Such a sweet deal!

These are quality pieces at a very reasonable price,
the best part is you can get them upholstered to
your liking.
Art for sale
Inquire on prices on the art
Upholstered Grocery Bags - Strong, durable, customizable, many uses    
                      Fully machine washable!!!!!
In-House Furniture for Sale!!!